Let’s replant together the Grand Carré of Potager du Roi in Versailles
346 donors
objective of 60000

work in progress

Between September 2020 and February 2021, École nationale supérieure de paysage raised € 60,000 thanks to the support of 400 donors. The restoration of three trellising structures out of the fourteen that need urgent restoration was initiated.

The work on the wrought iron structures themselves was entrusted to the Forge d'Art Loubière, a living heritage iron works company located in Maine-et-Loire (Loire Valley). The operations are under the responsibility of the Chief Architect of Historical Monuments. Fourteen trellising structures were designated as the first needing to be restored. These have been programmed over six years, with two or three structures being taken down and rebuilt each year. The replanting of the fruit trees is considered as part of the process. Between June and October 2021, the extraction, taking apart, refurbishing and re-installing of the first three lines was accomplished. The first trees will be replanted during autumn and winter 2022-2023.

A state-of-the-art intervention

In order to prepare the work on the first three trellising structures by the ironsmiths, the Potager du Roi gardeners cut down and removed the old pear trees. The trees were dying and, in some cases, already dead. The Forge d'Art Loubière then came to the garden, identified and examined all the parts, removed the lower re-enforcements, separated the metal structure from the stone foundations and brought the pieces back to their smithy-workshop. It is only there that they entirely separated the different pieces. All the different elements go through a process of individual conservation, restoration and refurbishment. The structure is put back together in the workshop in order to make any necessary adjustments before the final steps of sandblasting, metallizing and painting. The return to the site and the putting back together of the structure took place in October 2021. The trellises were set back into their stone foundations with lead sealing and the horizontal training wires installed. After having revitalized the soil, the gardeners will replant pear trees next autumn and winter 2022-2023. Save the date!

Repairing the iron trellising structures in the forge by a compagnon. Illustration : Alice Stevens.
Restoring the trellising structures in the forge. Illustration : Alice Stevens.
Reinstalling the trellising structures in Potager du Roi. Illustration : Alcie Stevens.
Meticulous finish on-site. Illustration : Alice Stevens.

Choosing the varieties

All of the first three restored trellising structures are located on the East side of the Grand Carré. Winter pears will be planted to be guided by these structures during the autumn-winter of 2022-2023. École nationale supérieure de paysage has mobilized a group of outside experts to participate in the choice of varieties. A pre-selection has been made according to criteria relating to the season, vigour, fertility and quality as well as history of the fruit. Bergamote de Bugey, Catillac, Colmar and Virgouleuse are among those being studied. In addition to being ripe for eating in the height of winter, these four varieties all possess great vigour – a neccessity for shaping Legendre palmettes - and were already known to La Quintinie in the 17th century. La Quintinie writes that the Bergamote de Bugey has a flesh which is "at the same time firm and tender and, so to speak, is almost brittle", while "the flesh [of the Colmar] is supple and the water very soft and very sweet”. As for the Virgouleuse, it is one of his favourites, while he classifies the Catillac, among "those I know to be so bad that I do not advise anyone to plant them". Today, if this variety is still not good fresh, it has been judged as one of the best when cooked!

A. Poiteau et P. Turpin, Traité des arbres fruitiers de Duhamel du Monceau, nouvelle édition augmentée, planches publiées entre 1807 et 1835.
A. Poiteau et P. Turpin, Traité des arbres fruitiers de Duhamel du Monceau, nouvelle édition augmentée, planches publiées entre 1807 et 1835.
A. Poiteau et P. Turpin, Traité des arbres fruitiers de Duhamel du Monceau, nouvelle édition augmentée, planches publiées entre 1807 et 1835.
A. Poiteau et P. Turpin, Traité des arbres fruitiers de Duhamel du Monceau, nouvelle édition augmentée, planches publiées entre 1807 et 1835.

Many thanks to...

Our 400 donors who joined our first fundraising campaign and made possible this major restoration project, as well as to our patron agnès b. and her team for their support from the beginning through the design of an exclusive tote bag.


Marc Alberman

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Association des Amis du Potager du Roi

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agnès b.
patron of the first campaign

Agnès Troublé, commonly known as agnès b., chose to support the first fundraising campaign as a patron in 2020. Born in Versailles, she wanted to share her attachment to Potager du Roi, a site that represents a inexhaustible source of inspiration for the designer for many years. agnès b. conceived a thank you gift for the donors of the campaign: the agnès b. tote bag “our potager du Roi”

346 donors
objective of 60000


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